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We caught up with the brilliant and insightful Viny’a Mills a few weeks ago and have shared our conversation below.

Viny’a , we’re thrilled to have you sharing your thoughts and lessons with our community. So, for folks who are at a stage in their life or career where they are trying to be more resilient, can you share where you get your resilience from?
In the most logical way, it would have to be from three things 1. God 2. just being a witness to my dad building his business from the ground up and third I have always felt like in this one life we get, I would hope everyone wants the best of everything which is truly what I desire and that’s why in times where I feel like my back is against the wall, I have to remind myself that God would never bring me this far to leave me and the image of my dad going to work everyday despite the circumstances keeps me grounded, he was the first person to ever demonstrate true resilience in my life.

Appreciate the insights and wisdom. Before we dig deeper and ask you about the skills that matter and more, maybe you can tell our readers about yourself?
My name is Vinya J’adore Mills and I am the founder of a women’s boutique called Adore J’adore Couture. We are a boutique that specializes in fine silks and satins and you can find us on our online store or Instagram and Facebook. We’re always looking to connect with new people!

Adore J’adore Couture was launched June 6 2020 amidst the pandemic and since then our brand has wholesale the majority of our products. The problem with wholesaling is the limitations it places on sizing and the design of a garment which contradicts our values as a boutique who believes in comfort, rest, freedom, and empowerment.

You can expect a new narrative for A.J.C in the near future. Plans that fit you and fit everyone!

Looking back, what do you think were the three qualities, skills, or areas of knowledge that were most impactful in your journey? What advice do you have for folks who are early in their journey in terms of how they can best develop or improve on these?
Looking back, three qualities or skills that impacted my journey was one being communication, two being collaborative work, and lastly learning how to pitch any given topic.

These three skills have not only helped me in the workplace and school, but also in a more personal way. Communication was a big problem in my family which is why it became an interesting skill for me to learn and since adopting these skills especially in communication I’ve found that I am able to connect with others so much better now which is important if you’re ever looking to collaborate or get that dream job.

She often prefers the finer things life has to offer especially when it comes to health and monetary things.

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